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3/4" Wet Flow Switch

Wet Flow Switch



BDHFM500 thermal flow switch adopts the principle of thermal diffusion.

The temperature difference between the two sensors can be used as the

 basis for measuring the flow rate. When the flow rate of the medium increases, the temperature difference decreases and vice versa.

After processing, the temperature difference value is converted into standard electrical signal output and displayed. This product uses the all-metal shell design, 6-bit LED display flow trend and switch state. The product potentiometer is simple to set and easy to operate, without any internal moving parts, maintenance-free and can measure a variety of media.



  • Hydraulic/lubrication
  • Pump protection
  • Cooling system
  • Ventilation system
  • Water treatment
  • Leak detection


Ordering Details:


BDHFM500 (3/4” NPT thread, 20 mm probe insertion length with M12 Connector cable (6 Feet Long cable included))


Technical Documents


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